Sporting Waist Bag for Phone, Wallet, Keys and Hydration Unit

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Are you tired of stuffing your phone, credit cards and keys in your pants and socks whenever you go out for a jog? This UltraSlim Sports Sac is perfect for your daily runs and hikes. Store and secure your phone and valuables while you exercise. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, or simply going out for a leisure walk, you will absolutely need, and fall in love with, our sports fanny pack waist belt.

  • Fully adjustable to fit for men, women and kids.
  • No bouncing, no slipping.
  • Our ultra light-weight pac stays secure around your waist.
  • Perfect for Traveling abroad. No more looking for passport and other small items in the bottom of your carry-on bag. Keep them close and easily accessible.
  • Multiple colors to choose from.
  • Water resistant. Neoprene fabric keeps your valuables dry and safe at all times.
  • Compartment to organize and isolate your phone other objects to reduce scratching your phone.
  • Great gift for those who enjoy running, fishing, dancing, cycling, hiking, dog walking, shopping, traveling, camping, power walking, a variety of fitness activities, etc.
  • Comes in Black / Red, Black / Blue, Black / White, Black / Pink, and Just plain Black