Universal 3 Port USB Quick Charging Block

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Stop buying $5 Cheep Convenient Store charging blocks! They only have 1 port, 1 amp of power and they don't support Quick Charging. For a few dollars more you can have your very own Colorful Charging block with 3 ports of 3.1 amps and supports Quick Charging. use this for charging your smartphone, Bluetooth Device, camera, Power Bank (we have a great one here.) Built in serge protector to protect from voltage surges. Buy a few and keep one at home by your bed, one in your travel bag and another in your daily bag, briefcase or EDC.

  • Over current protect.
  • Over heating protect.
  • Short circuit Protect
  • 3 USB port
  • 18 Watts Input
  •  5 Volt 3.1 Amps of charging power
  • Supports Quick Charging

Input: 100-240V / 0.15A
Output: 5 Volt / 3 Amp
Color: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Rose and Red.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Universal USB Wall Charger.